Ways to play with Timezone Powercards

Timezone uses a super-simple, reloadable Powercard system that stores your credit balance and the amount of e-Tickets you’ve won. Simply choose your Powercard in store , load it up with credit or the timed play package of your choice, swipe and play! The price of the game is automatically deducted from your card balance, and any tickets you win are saved on the Powercard.

Protect your credits. Register your card today!


This card entitles you to become a Timezone member. Guests are encouraged to register the card and retain the card in order to upgrade to a Gold Card Membership

  • This card is exclusively for customer’s whose accumulative spend is above Rs.6500. Our Gold holders entitles you to premium pricing with 10% discount on games!
  • Also enjoy privileges like
    • Special discounts on birthday parties
    • Daily 2 free video games for a month
    • Special offer booklets

Swiper Colours

Each game has a coloured swiper, with each colour representing a game category:

  • Yellow Swiper represents Standard Video Games
  • Mulitcolour swiper represents Attraction Games
  • Red swiper represents Prize winning Games
  • Green swiper represents Novelty Games
  • Blue swiper represents Ticket Games